Monday, February 02, 2009

Run Don't Walk -Art Day Feb 3 in Albany, NY

Yes, our legislators are going over the books trying to cut the fat from the budget. Art Funding is under attack both locally and nationally. New York State is meeting February 3 in Albany to cut funding for the arts drastically. The republicans fight the recovery bill "siting funding for the arts is a pork barrel project, or miss-use of necessary funds in this urgent time."
If you own a car, van or motorcycle, car pool, invite all your friends and take a drive and kick some ass in the name of art. Considering the mass exodus of artists which continues from New York City and New York State due to high costs it is even more frightening that the organizations which promote art and culture in our state may now loose funding imperative to keeping their doors open. now is the time to Open Your Mouth !

If you're worried about state funding for the arts – well, you should be. Governor David Paterson has proposed a budget deficit reduction plan that cuts $7 million from the New York State Council on the Arts, and that's on top of a 10% reduction in the NYSCA budget that happened last fall. Hundreds of arts groups will be left out in the cold. Sounds like a job for…