Friday, March 20, 2009

Greene Contemporary: Welcome To My World

image courtesy of the Gallery
Billy Maker, Platform-outpost-level-system, Installation view, right wall, view 1, 2008-2009

Welcome To My World; Group Exhibiton featuring Kevin Cyr, Andrew Junge, Billy Maker, Shawn Pettersen, Jean-Pierre Roy

Worlds great and small invite the imagination to wander through diverse environments and situations. Billy Maker's work immediately drew my attention. Maker's multi-dimensional dioramas made from delicate sticks of wood inserted directly into the wall with small platforms and miniature spots of grass at times no larger than your pinky nail kept my focus. Fragile connecting structures intersecting with the shadows cast were reminiscent of high dive platforms and ancient indigenous cave cities were transformed into a contemporary or future scape. Curiously, one large shadow cast underneath loosely formed a folding gate. Intentional or not, it presented another direction to explore. Though the process of construction is delicate, the structures issue an underlying presence of strength.

Greene Contemporary
9 Clinton Street
New York, NY 10002
T (212) 228.8282
F (212) 228.7738
Th-Su 12 pm - 6 pm

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Purgatory Pie Press, Postcard Exhibit

Purgatory Pie Press
Postcard Exhibit - Closing Party
Square One Gallery
1 Union Square West

The Postcard show at Square One Gallery presented small works by artists and writers with readings by collaborators at the closing.

The concept peaked my interest, and rightly so. Unlike the usual small works or post card shows, it was not packed to the brim causing your eyes to flinch at the massive visual display. An array of themes and materials could be found including quite a few with a sense of humor.

The readings were a wonderful added bonus, in particular Bob Holman's reading "the box" piece. Jeff Wrights "plan b" which he let me read will be available soon. You'll have to wait to order through the site like me. Such is life, all good things are worth the wait.

Readings by collaborators include: Bob Holman, Holly Anderson, Bob Herman, Jeff Wright, Georgia Luna & others...

To purchase works including box sets of mixed works or for further information and schedule.
19 Hudson Street #403
NY NY 10013

Sick Love: Inaugural Exhibition

Catherine Slip Art Space

22 Catherine Street, 2nd. Fl.

NY NY, 10038

SICK LOVE: Inaugural Group Exhibition curated by Gillian Sneed.

It took a bit of wandering around china town with my friend to find the space, but I have no sense of direction and neither did he so it was expected. From the little crowd that had gathered in front of the building, it was obvious we’d found the place.

The title says it all. Works exploring all manor of interpretations through text, video, works on paper paintings, photographs...could be found. Featuring the works of artists, writers and curators a mix or viewpoints is presented. Packed crowds slipped and slide around the space as they tried to get a good look at the work. Of note was Jason Osborne’s works on paper with notes. His mixed media piece “Untitled”, depicted a cloud made from small-collaged pictures of breasts with a red blood like rain pouring down. The works were installed with his notes in various areas. Though he explores fear, fantasy, fetish, I wanted to take some of the notes and place on or next to the works according to my own feelings of what goes where.

All the chat made it hard to hear the video screening, but worth going back on a quieter day. All in all, I look foward to seeing what this new space produces in the coming year.

Check their website for upcoming events and get a map of the area if your not familiar with the area unless you’ve time to wander.