Monday, August 20, 2007

The Cue Art Foundation presents an exhibition of the Joan Mitchell Foundations 2006 MFA grant recipients. Group Exhibition

From the most basic material – paper- Andrew Scott Ross brings us back to the beginning of humanity with his cut out piece Rocks and Rocks and Caves and Dreams on cardstock.
Like cave paintings the cut outs on the wall seem to tell an ancient tale while on the floor below tiny figures, mythological half man half beasts and forests stand in a world before time. Fleeing for cover, grasping their heads, as if it is the end of the world. The crumpled paper from which the forms are cut out transform into a landscape of mountains and valleys. Your sense of placement in the universe is questioned. What of humanity now? What has all our so-called advanced civilization come too? Flood into your thoughts, wondering what now, what now…..

With an industrial color palette and simple forms Emmy Cho’s work Every one needs an editor searches for location. Lines, texture, drips, color landscapes appear and disappear. A large cloud like shape with diagonal stripes of a familiar construction site orange with another battleship grey color cloud behind it rumbles, poof! Demolition of a structure occurred. Texture peeks out from the surface. A line in grey springs out with a wild movement yet absolutely controlled. The elements are in an active conversation across the canvas speaking out loud.

The magnitudes of the consequences of human kinds actions are evident in William Cravis’s work, In Ten Seconds, 10 attaché cases. The cases are open containing varied paper from news articles and images of currency. Displayed in a circle on columns made from rolls of toilet tissue the darker side of humanity is revealed.

Participating artists include;
Shalini Bhat, Emmy Cho, William Cravis, Regan Golden-McNerney, Joseph Gottlieb Kopfler III, Maya Onoda, Tivon Calder Rice, Andrew Scott Ross, Brian Scott Shaw, Jared Steffensen

The Cue Art Foundation is a non-profit organization which offers many programs in support of artists needs. The seminars for artists program was a catalyst for navigating the art world for my work. I attribute much of my successes to the information I've used from their programs. A fertile ground for artists seeking necessary information in order to grow.

For further information;
The Cue Art Foundation
511 W. 25th Street, ground floor
NY NY 10001
Tel: 212-206-3583
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10-6

Annual International Exhibition of Women's Art SOHO20 Gallery

Sitting quietly on the floor, a small black pillow tucked under her in the middle of the room artist Gardiner C. Funo O'Kain slowly created a circle made from small folded rice paper boats as viewers slowly began to fill the room around her. Working from the outside towards the center eventually filling the circle. Her meditative, repetitive process gently lured you in to the work. I sat with her for a moment just watching it, the moment of becoming itself. As I asked her about the piece, she continued without pause taking the small squares of delicate paper from their box, folding them into form then gracefully placing them into the work.

When asked about why and how she decides the shape of the finished work she replied, "They are really site specific, the environment really makes that decision. It's interesting how they change from place to place." She stated there would be 100 boats total in this piece. The fragility of the material and the installation brought a soothing calmness to the room. With each person passing it they moved as the air stirred around them. In a moment they could be blown away, scattered to all points. Reminiscent of sand paintings she methodically went about the task while they precariously interacted with air currents in the room.
There is something more, something deeper going on which draws your attention, makes you want to sit and fold them with her without speaking within her thoughts in hopes of finding a sense of harmony and balance.

Annual International Exhibition of Women's Art Group Show of 29 artists.

Soho20 511 w. 25th Street, NY NY

July 17th - August 11, 2007

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Elizabeth Murray

On an August summer afternoon Elizabeth Murray began her next journey. As a female artist, I was fortunate enough to have met her during my college years in my women in the arts class with May Stevens. At that time I was also beginning to raise a family. Her inspiring words on the issues surrounding being both mother and artist were a conversation I have kept with me ever since, as it has given me strength through times of adversity. Learning the news of her passing was a great loss. People come and go in your life and then there are those that leave a mark on your soul. With a simple conversation a mark was left, Thank you, where ever you are.